Photovoltaics done Professionally

Did you know that the Sun is a free and clean energy source? Do you want to harness it? Let us help you with that. Here at SunBrothers, we promise maximum efficiency and a fair price when constructing our top-quality photovoltaic systems.
SunBrothers - pracovník montuje solární panely

Why choose SunBrothers?

No extreme deposits

We do not require any exorbitant deposits. You only ever pay for the current stage of the project.


We focus on efficient and professional work performed by our team of highly experienced technicians and electricians.

Design & Climate Awareness

We pay attention to aesthetics, and our photovoltaic system will give your home a sleek and modern look while reducing your ecological footprint and making your neighbors jealous.

Personal Approach

First, we conduct an in-person visit and analysis of the site and then discuss all the details of the project with you. We pride ourselves on being transparent and accessible. Throughout the whole process, we will always keep you in the loop.

Customized Solutions

Our photovoltaic power plants are always optimized to meet your needs. Does your roof have limited space for the installation process? Do you think that your property’s surrounding environment hinders PV functionality? Have no worries, whatever the issue may be, we can solve it.

Installation Rate

We have all the components for the installation in our stock. We also have sufficient working capacity. This makes us a ready and able service-provider working at top-notch speeds.

Subsidy & Financing

We take care of all the administration and the subsidy provision. If necessary, we can also help you with financing the project budget.

Warranty & Service

We use quality branded materials and technologies with remote monitoring. We provide immediate warranty and post-warranty service.

Located Throughout the Czech Republic

We have a wide operating range capable of reaching all corners of the Czech Republic. There is no estate in the country that we cannot reach.

SunBrothers - instalace solárních panelů

About SunBrothers

Our company’s main goal is to provide photovoltaic power plants of the highest quality to everybody, as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our next important goal is to ensure our photovoltaic systems make you happy for decades through their long-lasting performance, durability and aesthetic. Finally, our over-arching goal is to have a positive impact on the future of this planet that we all call home.

We are members

Logo Solární asociace
The Solar Association is the largest professional association of entrepreneurs and other supporters of photovoltaics in the solar-energy industry, and is primarily based on transparency, professionalism, and sustainability. It already represents several thousand operators of photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic.
Logo CAFT - Cech akumulace a fotovoltaiky
The Czech Association of Accumulation and Photovoltaics (CAFT) is a professional association in the field of photovoltaics. It brings together the majority of companies that build photovoltaic sources and participate in the transformation of energy. Its members include manufacturing, wholesale, consulting, and installation companies, as well as significant energy companies. It has been a long-term partner of the government in preparing regulations and financial instruments.
Logo ČFA - Česká Fotovoltaická Asociace

The Czech Photovoltaic Association assembles physical and legal persons with the goal of promoting and developing photovoltaic energy as a renewable source of natural energy.