About SunBrothers

Our company’s main goal is to provide photovoltaic power plants of the highest quality to everybody, as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our next important goal is to ensure our photovoltaic systems make you happy for decades through their long-lasting performance, durability and aesthetic. Finally, our over-arching goal is to have a positive impact on the future of this planet that we all call home. We achieve these goals thanks to our designers, electricians and installers who have long-term experiences in the field. By installing a photovoltaic power plant with us, you become our lifelong energy partner.
Sun Brothers - ikona
SunBrothers - jednatel společnosti

Ing. Jan Holec, Ph.D.


Jan, a UCT Prague graduate, is passionate about the cutting-edge research and development of organic molecules used in modern electronics, including thin-film photovoltaic cells. As a project supervisor, he spearheads communication with clients and suppliers, driven by his unwavering love for all things photovoltaic. Jan finds inspiration in the ever-evolving trends and technologies of renewable energy. When not at work, he spends quality time with his family in the great outdoors and trains in combat sports. For Jan, renewable energy represents a chance to achieve energy independence and extend our species’ presence on our planet.
SunBrothers - technický manažer

Ing. Tomáš Hollmann

technical manager

Tomáš is a renewable energy expert with over 10 years of practical experience gained at ČEZ, a leading energy holding company. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing floorball. His passion for unmanned drones also comes in handy when designing and inspecting photovoltaic plants. He strongly believes in the power of renewable energy sources, particularly photovoltaics, as a way to create a better future for generations to come.